Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anchorman Sequel Is Coming!

Rejoice Anchorman fans! Get your leather-bound books and "Sex Panther" ready. Will Ferrell has announced that the film will be getting a sequel, which fans have been wanting since the film came out in 2004. It also starred Christina Applegate, Paul Rudd and Steve Carell, and we hope they will all be back for the sequel. Rumor has it they will all be back. Adam McKay will also be back to direct the sequel, and is currently writing it with Ferrell. The film is planned to be released in 2013, so expect them to start filming it sometime soon. Sequels work best when the original cast and crew are involved, so this should be another hit. It won't be called Anchorman 2, but currently has no official title.

Ferrell appeared in character as Ron Burgundy of the Channel 4 news team on Conan to make the announcement, joking around with Conan O'Brien in the process. Watch for yourself below. You stay classy, planet Earth.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Underrated Live Performances

There have been some truly epic live performances before, though some great ones have gone unnoticed to some who might enjoy them. First, is "Kite" by U2 live at Slane Castle in 2001. "Kite" is the fifth song on the album All That You Can't Leave Behind from 2000. "Kite" was never a single, but clearly should have been. It would have made the perfect followup to smash hit "Beautiful Day." But, people can enjoy it as a rarer live song. At Slane Castle in Ireland Bono and co were on their A-game, and "Kite" is my favorite performance from the show, which you can buy on DVD.

Think you don't like Lady GaGa or her song "The Edge of Glory"? Maybe you should listen to her amazing interview with Howard Stern. She gives a perfect description of the song and plays a piano version of it. Just her singing live and playing the piano. Its an emotional performance and not your average pop song, leaving Howard and Robin Quivers virtually speechless. Its more Elton John sounding than modern pop. I prefer this live version to the Born This Way album track you hear on the radio. I really think Lady GaGa should make an album with just her and a piano, maybe some guitar. I know many of her fans are dance music fans, but that's why she could make a remixed version to please everyone. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale

Michonne in the comics
Is it Fall yet?

Season 2 of AMC's The Walking Dead ended with a bang, filled with tons of gore, zombies and fire. However, the best parts were the setups for Season 3. We see Rick (Andrew Lincoln) reach his final straw, putting his foot down and becoming a total badass who won't take any shit. Andrea (Laurie Holden), who got separated from the group, makes her way through the woods kicking zombie ass. But out of breath and pinned by a zombie, we see a mysterious sword-wielding & hooded woman save her by slicing said zombies head off. Not only that, but she does it with two arm-less zombies chained behind her. Looks like Andrea might have a new friend to kick some ass with, now that Shane (Jon Bernthal) is gone.

Danai Gurira
This mysterious woman is the heroine character Michonne from the comics. Fans have been waiting for her to appear, and she will play a huge role in Season 3. Michonne will be played by actress Danai Gurira, who was also in HBO's Treme. The character is like a cross between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Milla Jovovich's Alice from the Resident Evil films, but with no superpowers of course. She becomes an ally to the group in the comics in order to take down "The Governor", who will also be in Season 3. We will find out this fall how its all handled on screen. The reason for the two chained zombies she walks with is because the smell keeps the others away, as we learned in Season 1. And she cut off their teeth in addition to their arms. Genius! Michonne is the ultimate survivor.

The end of the episode also pans out and shows a massive and highly protected prison near where our favorite survivors are stopped, which will also play a role.

Season 3 will premiere in the Fall and most likely will debut to more record breaking viewership. The Walking Dead has quickly become the most watched show on cable television. Take that Jersey Shore. Now we must wait until fall...summer is overrated anyway.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random TV Stuff

My Strange Addiction on TLC is so hard to believe as being real, but apparently it is. Its oddly fascinating what some of these people do, just like Hoarders. One episode has a guy who is in a committed relationship with his car. And yes, he makes out with it and they have a favorite song. Another has a woman who is addicted to drinking gasoline. I think TLC should hook them up, they would make the perfect couple. Their kid could become addicted to licking car tires covered in gasoline.  Seriously though, its sad and hopefully TLC helps them kick their addictions.

One of the best shows on TV, The Walking Dead reached a new level of shock and excitement on Sunday. Shane, one of the main characters, was killed off. And then turned into a walker/zombie and killed off again. The Walking Dead wants people to know that nobody is safe, so this shocking move worked. He wasn't bit by a zombie, so the assumption is anyone who dies can come back to life as a zombie, with it being airborne. There is only one episode left this season, and all hell breaks loose on the farm when it becomes overrun by zombies.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Peyton Bowl 2012

The Denver Post reports Peyton Manning will visit the Denver Broncos then the Arizona Cardinals and then the Miami Dolphins. He wants to make his choice by Tuesday. There is still time for other teams to get involved, such as Houston or Kansas City. Houston would probably be the favorite, though they would have to cast aside a solid young QB in Matt Schaub and hope Peyton stays healthy. Not the smartest move.

Word is Denver, trying to replace Tim Tebow, will set the bar and the Cardinals and Dolphins will without a doubt offer more money. The Dolphins will probably offer the most. The Broncos would have to make a really outstanding pitch to Manning in order to beat out Arizona or Miami. If the Texans come in and drop Schaub, you have to think he will go to the Texans if they get involved. Right now, they are not involved.

Fun fact: Dolphins legend Dan Marino, #13, retired on March 13, 2000. Peyton Manning wants to make his decision on March 13, 2012...Dolphins fans can either have a great day or March 13 could be one of the worst days in team history for the second time. Of course, he could wait until after Tuesday as well.

Also, Reggie Wayne has been recruiting Peyton Manning to sign with the Dolphins along with himself, so they can both retire in Wayne's hometown of Miami. We'll know next week. If the Dolphins don't get Manning, you will find me listening to those sad Sarah McLachlan songs over and over while sitting in the fetal position.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Paris Hilton Needs Attention

An awful "song" called Drunk Text by Paris Hilton recently leaked. If Snooki having a baby wasn't a sign of the apocalypse, this "song" (I use that word very loosely) sure is. This is probably just some clever way to get her name back out there, with someone in her camp leaking it on purpose. We hadn't heard her name in a while actually. It comes from the school of Rebecca Black's "Friday", so awful that it's entertaining and funny. Be warned: after watching/listening to Drunk Text, your IQ will plummet. And the video might actually transmit an STD through your computer, so be careful. Thanks Paris.

Just as Lindsay Lohan seems to be living a quiet(er) life and trying to make a comeback by hosting SNL and starring in an Elizabeth Taylor TV movie, we have Paris Hilton claw her way back into our conscience with something outrageous.

I just wonder if there is anyone out there who actually heard this "song" and enjoyed it and thought it was good. There has to be at least one person. I feel sorry for that person. Before you watch, I should warn that you might want to rip your ears off, then run them over with a car after macing your own eyes. Listen to it and watch the vapid video below: