Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random TV Stuff

My Strange Addiction on TLC is so hard to believe as being real, but apparently it is. Its oddly fascinating what some of these people do, just like Hoarders. One episode has a guy who is in a committed relationship with his car. And yes, he makes out with it and they have a favorite song. Another has a woman who is addicted to drinking gasoline. I think TLC should hook them up, they would make the perfect couple. Their kid could become addicted to licking car tires covered in gasoline.  Seriously though, its sad and hopefully TLC helps them kick their addictions.

One of the best shows on TV, The Walking Dead reached a new level of shock and excitement on Sunday. Shane, one of the main characters, was killed off. And then turned into a walker/zombie and killed off again. The Walking Dead wants people to know that nobody is safe, so this shocking move worked. He wasn't bit by a zombie, so the assumption is anyone who dies can come back to life as a zombie, with it being airborne. There is only one episode left this season, and all hell breaks loose on the farm when it becomes overrun by zombies.

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