Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Underrated Live Performances

There have been some truly epic live performances before, though some great ones have gone unnoticed to some who might enjoy them. First, is "Kite" by U2 live at Slane Castle in 2001. "Kite" is the fifth song on the album All That You Can't Leave Behind from 2000. "Kite" was never a single, but clearly should have been. It would have made the perfect followup to smash hit "Beautiful Day." But, people can enjoy it as a rarer live song. At Slane Castle in Ireland Bono and co were on their A-game, and "Kite" is my favorite performance from the show, which you can buy on DVD.

Think you don't like Lady GaGa or her song "The Edge of Glory"? Maybe you should listen to her amazing interview with Howard Stern. She gives a perfect description of the song and plays a piano version of it. Just her singing live and playing the piano. Its an emotional performance and not your average pop song, leaving Howard and Robin Quivers virtually speechless. Its more Elton John sounding than modern pop. I prefer this live version to the Born This Way album track you hear on the radio. I really think Lady GaGa should make an album with just her and a piano, maybe some guitar. I know many of her fans are dance music fans, but that's why she could make a remixed version to please everyone. 

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