Friday, March 9, 2012

Peyton Bowl 2012

The Denver Post reports Peyton Manning will visit the Denver Broncos then the Arizona Cardinals and then the Miami Dolphins. He wants to make his choice by Tuesday. There is still time for other teams to get involved, such as Houston or Kansas City. Houston would probably be the favorite, though they would have to cast aside a solid young QB in Matt Schaub and hope Peyton stays healthy. Not the smartest move.

Word is Denver, trying to replace Tim Tebow, will set the bar and the Cardinals and Dolphins will without a doubt offer more money. The Dolphins will probably offer the most. The Broncos would have to make a really outstanding pitch to Manning in order to beat out Arizona or Miami. If the Texans come in and drop Schaub, you have to think he will go to the Texans if they get involved. Right now, they are not involved.

Fun fact: Dolphins legend Dan Marino, #13, retired on March 13, 2000. Peyton Manning wants to make his decision on March 13, 2012...Dolphins fans can either have a great day or March 13 could be one of the worst days in team history for the second time. Of course, he could wait until after Tuesday as well.

Also, Reggie Wayne has been recruiting Peyton Manning to sign with the Dolphins along with himself, so they can both retire in Wayne's hometown of Miami. We'll know next week. If the Dolphins don't get Manning, you will find me listening to those sad Sarah McLachlan songs over and over while sitting in the fetal position.

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