Friday, March 2, 2012

Paris Hilton Needs Attention

An awful "song" called Drunk Text by Paris Hilton recently leaked. If Snooki having a baby wasn't a sign of the apocalypse, this "song" (I use that word very loosely) sure is. This is probably just some clever way to get her name back out there, with someone in her camp leaking it on purpose. We hadn't heard her name in a while actually. It comes from the school of Rebecca Black's "Friday", so awful that it's entertaining and funny. Be warned: after watching/listening to Drunk Text, your IQ will plummet. And the video might actually transmit an STD through your computer, so be careful. Thanks Paris.

Just as Lindsay Lohan seems to be living a quiet(er) life and trying to make a comeback by hosting SNL and starring in an Elizabeth Taylor TV movie, we have Paris Hilton claw her way back into our conscience with something outrageous.

I just wonder if there is anyone out there who actually heard this "song" and enjoyed it and thought it was good. There has to be at least one person. I feel sorry for that person. Before you watch, I should warn that you might want to rip your ears off, then run them over with a car after macing your own eyes. Listen to it and watch the vapid video below:

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