Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More New Fall TV

I previously posted about Sarah Michelle Gellar's new show on The CW, Ringer. (The second episode was solid, by the way) There are a few other shows that I enjoyed and a few I will check out.

First, Up All Night, the new NBC sitcom starring Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, Maya Rudolph & Nick Cannon. I liked the pilot, but didn't love it, though that is usually the case with sitcoms when you're first introduced to characters you've never seen. However, the second episode this week was much better and featured plenty of laugh out loud moments. Particularly the scenes with Applegate & Arnett trying to impress their new hipster neighbors. Sitcom fans will want to check it out.

Revenge is a new ABC drama about, you guessed it, revenge. I enjoyed the pilot, and it's over the top premise of how a daughter is getting revenge on the people who framed and destroyed her father when she was younger in the backdrop of the Hamptons. The show begins right off the bat with a murder, but then moves to five months earlier. The whole pilot does a fine job setting up the rest of the season, leaving you win many questions on how Emily VanCamp's character will evolve and if she'll succeed.

Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul are back with The X Factor on FOX. Not much to say about this, you know how these singing shows go. You either like it or you don't. I missed Simon telling it like it is and his witty remarks about the performers who suck, so I'll watch early on. This is  a little different from American Idol in that there is no age limit, a group of people can perform together, and there is a 5 Million Dollar prize. Also, the judges have Pepsi cups instead of Coke ones in front of them. Clever!

Two shows I'm looking forward too, and you should be as well, are Terra Nova and Pan AmI'm looking forward to Terra Nova, which starts Monday September 26 on FOX, because it's like Jurassic Park for the small screen. Dinosaurs and Action! That is reason enough. Now when will we get Jurassic Park 4, Spielberg? As for Pan Am, early reviews have been stellar for the historical drama and it could be the breakout new series of the Fall. And it's set in the 1960s. Who doesn't love the 60s? There's also some espionage thrown in, which could be interesting.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hot New Show: Ringer

Fall TV is back! Ringer starring Sarah Michelle Gellar debuted tonight on The CW. It's the first show I've really watched on The CW, but from reviews and my own personal enjoyment of the show it doesn't seem like any other show on the network can compare.

The plot is interesting and throws in enough twists and turns that the viewer will always be on the edge of their seat, wanting to pay attention and see what happens next. It's Sarah Michelle Gellar's return to TV after doing Buffy The Vampire Slayer from 1997-2003. She does her dual role perfectly and believably, playing twin sisters who haven't spoken to each other in six years. Both characters, Bridget & Siobhan, have interesting backgrounds filled with drama & crime. I don't want to give any plot away, but if you're into drama and suspense mixed with some mystery then you'll enjoy this. Ioan Gruffudd & Nestor Carbonell also star.

This isn't like any other show on The CW, so if you think of that network being geared towards a certain audience, you can change your perceptions and give Ringer a chance. It airs on Tuesdays at 9PM.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beatles 1 Compilation on iTunes

The best selling album of the 2000s with over 31 million worldwide and close to 12 million in the US, The Beatles' 1, is now on iTunes. It will also be re-released in a digipak CD with the remastered audio from the 2009 remasters on September 13th.

The set is on sale at iTunes for only $9.99 for a limited time. For anyone who has yet to own any Beatles music, what are you waiting for? The album contains all 27 US & UK Number One songs by the group. You really can't beat 27 amazing songs for just $10. No wonder the set has fittingly shot to Number 1 on iTunes in most countries around the world. For those yet to really listen to The Beatles, it's the perfect time to meet John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Like the other digital Beatles albums, this is also in the iTunes LP format with a digital booklet. The CD version which is packaged like the 2009 Remastered CD's is available for pre-order as well. When the album was first released in November 2000, it was Beatlemania all over again. It became the fastest selling album in history, and shot to Number 1 around the world. In the US, it spent Eight weeks on top of the Billboard 200 at #1 from 2000 into 2001. The Beatles are always getting new fans with their timeless music, so it's no surprise. Even though the Beatles are the biggest music act of all time, it still has to be impressive that a band that broke up in 1970 can have the best selling album of the 2000s.