Monday, February 28, 2011

Funny Late Night Videos

This was from the post-Oscars episode of Jimmy Kimmel, featuring Tom Hanks and some surprises, a spoof of those insane people from "Toddlers & Tiaras". It has to be one of the funniest segments in Late Night history. Jimmy Kimmel also managed another funny video called "Hottie Body Hump" featuring the likes of Jessica Biel, Emily Blunt, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Minka Kelly, Kelly Ripa and Hollywood's resident perp Lindsay Lohan. This is obviously the best[only?] thing she's done since Mean Girls.
And finally, the Jimmy Fallon spoof of the Real Housewives franchise. It seems pretty spot on:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Academy Awards Predictions

So I might watch most of it since the Oscars seems like they are trying to make the Oscars less boring this year. I hope there are surprises, it seems like the Academy Awards are always very predictable.

Best Picture- Will Win: The King's Speech. Should Win: Toy Story 3. The King's Speech is the type of film they usually go for. An animated movie has never won before, and if Toy Story 3 doesn't win then one probably never will. With the Oscars wanting a bigger audience though, and going younger with Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosting, Toy Story 3 could be ripe for an upset that would make big headlines. They could honor the franchise that put Pixar on the map, and one of the most emotional movies of the year that famously had adults crying. Probably not though. The King's Speech will probably win, but it doesn't seem all that special. Toy Story 3 will stand the test of time, while The King's Speech may fade away like so many other Best Picture winners. [Surprising fact about this category...The Kids Are Alright is the only nominee that was filmed in Los Angeles. LA losing it's touch? Probably just too expensive to film there.]

Leading Actress- Will Win: Natalie Portman. Should Win: Natalie Portman. Black Swan deserves something and Natalie Portman is one of the reasons it was so great.

Leading Actor- Will Win: Colin Firth. Should Win: Colin Firth. Colin Firth has never won an Oscar before, and this has been the most obvious choice. Much like Sandra Bullock, he is very popular and will get his award.

The funniest Oscar moment: South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker spoof the infamous Jennifer Lopez dress.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Office: Threat Level Midnight

So this isn't strictly a blog about The Office. However, Thursday Night's episode was great, so I'd like to give a quick review.  Threat Level Midnight is based on an infamous screenplay reading during Season 2, which is of Michael's dream film. They brought it to life with Michael having filmed it over 11 years and made this episode out of it. An episode which presumably starts the "Michael Scott farewell tour."  Michael's reason for wanting to make his own movie? He's a big Woody Allen fan, but has only seen the movie Antz. But he thought A Bug's Life was better.

The movie within the show is so ridiculous you can't help but love it. The episode featured cameos from some past characters like Karen, Jan and Roy. Karen's great line gives a sense of the so-bad-it's good Michael Scott film..."ever banged an entire bachelorette party, baby?" with the amazing Scarn dance following soon after. There are already spoofs of "The Scarn" on youtube. Next dance craze?

My favorite part may have been when hostage Toby dies and the substitute dummies head blows up, and is re-shown at different angles blowing up. Michael said this was the most expensive shot in the whole film. Of course it would be. Any other favorite scenes anyone?

It wasn't the funniest episode, but it was a fun trip down memory lane and with this being Steve Carell's final season, a necessary and memorable episode. Michael also realizes how funny Threat Level Midnight is since it's so bad, an important character growth for him after getting mad at first when Jim starts laughing at it before joining in on the laughter.

By the way, Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate are promoting the movie Hall Pass, and they talked about how Christina should guest on The Office. Christina Applegate is one of my favorites ever since the classic Married With Children, so I'm hoping that actually happens. Here's a clip:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Future of The Office

Steve Carell's days on NBC's The Office are winding down, as he will be leave with 4 episodes left in the season. Some think the popular show will fade away fast, but I think it has the best cast of secondary characters on TV that will be getting more screen time. I know I'll still tune in to see characters like drunk Meredith and crazy Creed.  The show still has a sense of realism that most others don't, besides the also great Parks & Recreation.

Then there is the chance that Ricky Gervais, who has become more well known in the USA since the Golden Globes, will take his spot which could make the show just as popular. I doubt he will though, it will probably be someone entirely new or existing like Ed Helms. Will Ferrell guesting in 4 episodes will be fun, but I doubt he would become a regular.

Of course it will be sad to see Michael Scott leave (I'm sure he'll be back for guest roles at some point though-Michael/Holly wedding has to happen), but The Office has the best chance of any show to continue, at least for a few more seasons due to a great, varied cast. Here's some "Prison Mike" for old times sake:

Office Tally is a great place to go for all things on The Office, as well as lifeintheoffice