Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Future of The Office

Steve Carell's days on NBC's The Office are winding down, as he will be leave with 4 episodes left in the season. Some think the popular show will fade away fast, but I think it has the best cast of secondary characters on TV that will be getting more screen time. I know I'll still tune in to see characters like drunk Meredith and crazy Creed.  The show still has a sense of realism that most others don't, besides the also great Parks & Recreation.

Then there is the chance that Ricky Gervais, who has become more well known in the USA since the Golden Globes, will take his spot which could make the show just as popular. I doubt he will though, it will probably be someone entirely new or existing like Ed Helms. Will Ferrell guesting in 4 episodes will be fun, but I doubt he would become a regular.

Of course it will be sad to see Michael Scott leave (I'm sure he'll be back for guest roles at some point though-Michael/Holly wedding has to happen), but The Office has the best chance of any show to continue, at least for a few more seasons due to a great, varied cast. Here's some "Prison Mike" for old times sake:

Office Tally is a great place to go for all things on The Office, as well as lifeintheoffice

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