Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Batman vs. Superman and Wonder Woman

The upcoming 2015 film 'Batman vs. Superman' will officially be introducing Wonder Woman/Diana Prince into the DC film franchise. The iconic character will be featured in a movie for the first time (Lynda Carter played her in the Wonder Woman TV show from 1975-1979), and be played by Gal Gadot (Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6). Much like when Ben Affleck was announced as the new Bruce Wayne/Batman, there has been a lukewarm internet response to the casting, though not quite as much as with Affleck.

Gadot comes from a modeling background rather than an athletic/fitness one. However, she can obviously hit the gym and build up her muscle some more, plus she has been in action films before. Also, the Wonder Woman character comes from another planet and wouldn't need huge muscles to be powerful on Earth. I think people should just wait for the film to come out before judging Affleck & Gadot or the idea of the film as a whole. There still haven't been any pictures or plot released, so for now people should just take a wait and see approach. 

The goal is to build to a Justice League movie with numerous other DC superheroes joining the action. You can also expect a solo Wonder Woman movie at some point should 'Batman vs. Superman' be a success...which it probably will be considering you have Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in a summer action movie together.

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