Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year's Music

When people think of Holiday themed music, Christmas obviously dominates, with hundreds of songs for the season. Halloween follows in the distance with a good chunk of music. Yet, there are numerous songs you can listen to as you ring in the New Year as well! So while you

"What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?" by Various Artists. This gem dates back to 1947, when it was independently written by Frank Loesser. It has since been covered by numerous artists, and my vote for the best versions go to The Carpenters and Ella Fitzgerald. Nobody did Christmas songs quite like The Carpenters, and "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve" was added to their album "An Old-Fashioned Christmas". Fitzgerald also delivers a perfect rendition of the classic, as expected from a legend.

"New Year's Day" by U2. Released in 1983 on their album War, "New Year's Day" has stood the test of time as one of U2's most well known singles. It wasn't meant for that though, being a more politically charged song. The lyrics were inspired by the Solidarity Movement in Poland. So while New Year's isn't the main subject of the song, it is a piece of it.

"Auld Lang Syne (The New Year's Anthem)" - Mariah Carey. "Auld Lang Syne" is the most well known New Year's song, played every year on New Year's Eve. So for this list I just decided to include the Mariah Carey version from her 2010 Merry Christmas II You album, being one of the more recent versions, and from the woman who gave us a modern Christmas classic in "All I Want For Christmas Is You".

"Happy New Year" by ABBA. Released in 1980, this New Year's song from ABBA was a big hit in Europe, though a lot of its success came during reissues after the initial recording of the song. The English version wasn't released as a single until 1999. It did get a cheesy music video though even without a single release in 1980, which is worth watching:
I mean, I know the video was probably filmed on some sound stage, but did the party need to be surrounded by total blackness? Not even a disco ball? And what was with the random horses in the background? Its cheesy, but you just can't help to love it.

"1999" by Prince.  Leading up to December 31st 1998, this song was played by pretty much every radio station and on every TV broadcast, as well as a year later in the lead up to Y2K and the new millennium. It was originally released in 1982. It made the Top 40 in 1998 as well, becoming the last single by Prince to chart that high. You can still party like its 1999, so fire this track up.

"Sleigh Ride" by TLC. Released on the Home Alone 2 soundtrack, Sleigh Ride is mainly a Christmas song that also gives some love to New Year's, so why not celebrate both?

"Maybe Baby (New Year's Day)" by Sugarland. Much like "Sleigh Ride" this song shows some love to both Christmas and New Year's. The country/rock/pop duo released it on their Christmas album "Gold & Green" in 2009. It features Kristian Bush on lead vocals rather than Jennifer Nettles, who gives background vocals this time around.

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