Monday, November 28, 2011

Barbara Gordon & Dark Knight Rises

Recently a rumor has been going around that Ellen Page is in The Dark Knight Rises and would be playing Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Jim Gordon's (Gary Oldman) daughter, who in the comic books eventually becomes Batgirl. However, this rumor is apparently a fake.

However, the film takes place 8 years after The Dark Knight. We see Barbara Gordon in The Dark Knight at the end with the showdown between Batman, Harvey Dent and Gordon. She looks to be around 10 or 11 years old, so in this film she would probably be around 18/19. So it's somewhat likely she will be in the film and who knows, maybe becomes Batgirl at some point.

It hasn't been confirmed if Barbara Gordon is in the film or not, but Juno Temple is playing a "Street-smart Gotham girl." We don't have a name for her character though...which leads me to believe that she is Barbara Gordon and they are keeping it under wraps, considering the film takes place 8 years after the previous film and she would now be in her late teens. Maybe she has something to do with being trained and taken under the wing by Catwoman while Batman is gone? It's all speculation, but it sure is fun to try and figure out.

Speaking of Catwoman, Anne Hathaway is engaged to Adam Shulman. Congrats! As for Christian Bale, he confirmed that Dark Knight Rises will be the last time he plays Batman.

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