Sunday, November 27, 2011

Survive Black Friday?

Looks like Black Friday got a little heated this year. I blame the admittedly funny "Crazy Target Lady." She is portrayed by the very funny stand up comic Maria Bamford. Maybe they should hire her for Valentine's Day? I look forward to those ads more than I do the actual day, since I would rather sit on my ass and order the deals online. Yes, you can get most of the same deals online and you don't have to worry about being sprayed with pepper spray or being punched in the face! Go figure...

Pepper Spray incidents, a shooting, fights, a drunk guy getting tasered, and a mob over 2 dollar Waffle Irons. Most of these happened at Wal-Mart...does Wal-Mart bring out the crazy in people on an already crazy day?

Well, I hope everyone enjoys their 3 dollar copies of The Dark Knight or the cheap toaster or Taylor Swift CD or whatever it is you got. Happy Holidays!

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