Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mirror Mirror Trailer

After the trailer for Snow White & The Huntsman was released, we now have the trailer for the competing Mirror Mirror. Comparing the two movies, it's clear Mirror Mirror is going for a more comedy route thrown in with the action. It still has a dark feel to it, but not nearly as much as Snow White & The Huntsman. The two films are being released very close to each other, makes me wonder if it could hurt the box office of one.

Based on the current movie climate, I think The Huntsman will be more popular. The Dark Knight popularized the serious, darker take on a fantasy film by getting universal critical acclaim and a ton of cash. There is room for both films though, and it seems both Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts play the Evil Queen well in their own way.

Now, we wait for the trailer for the highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises, which will be attached to Sherlock Holmes when that hits theaters. We better see some Anne Hathaway as Catwoman kicking some ass in this one!

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