Friday, January 31, 2014

Top Moments From the Howard Stern 60th Birthday Bash

Jimmy Kimmel hosted the Howard Stern Birthday Bash live from the Hammerstein Ballroom in honor of Stern's 60th Birthday, with Howard and Robin Quivers up on stage to broadcast live. It is one of the only places you would find members of the Wack Pack in the same building with the likes of Barbara Walters and Robert Downey Jr. 

The star of the show was possibly Tan Mom who became the talk of it all after a messy interview, threatening to kick some hecklers ass. Joan Rivers later quipped that Tan Mom's kid "is the only kid that wishes her mom was Casey Anthony." We didn't hear much from Tan Mom after her interview, so it's entirely possible she either fell over the balcony or melted underneath one of the spotlights. Tan Mom was later escorted out by police.

Louis CK created a hilarious fake story of a time when Howard saved his life in the 1970s, and then "came on my face." He also went after Chris Christie who was at the event. Former enemy-turned-friend Rosie O'Donnell showed up and sang to him to poke fun at their former feud. David Letterman made a rare public appearance and Howard interviewed him on stage, further helping to make it a memorable show. 

Adam Levine had a top notch performance of Prince's "Purple Rain", surprising many by playing an awesome guitar solo. The Beach Boys sent in a video of them performing a version of "California Girls" with edited custom lyrics, such as, "we wish we all could be just like Howard Stern." Sarah Silverman performed with Natalie Maines, giving shout-outs to all the members of the Howard Stern Show with the most creative song of the night. Dave Grohl also played a surprise acoustic performance of "Everlong" that has me wanting to hear the 8th Foo Fighters album ASAP. 

 Jewel, who famously went on his show and performed a song Howard wrote in 6th Grade called "Silver Nickels & Golden Dimes", performed the song again and of course did a beautiful job with great acoustic guitar and soaring vocals. Paul McCartney sent a video singing a version of "Happy Birthday Mr. President" to him. Ellen DeGeneres, Jerry Seinfeld and George Clooney also sent in videos. Kathie Lee Gifford was the big surprise considering how much Howard has made fun of her and her husband with her sarcastic video, toasting him by calling him a "motherfucker".

It was a fantastic show and you should catch the replay this Monday if you missed it! Listen to Jewel perform "Silver Nickels & Golden Dimes" below:

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