Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sandra Bullock Drops the Best F-Bomb

Sandra Bullock picked up an award for "Best Actress in an Action Movie" for Gravity at the Critics Choice awards. In true humorous Bullock fashion she first thanked Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone, & Jean Claude Van Damme for "teaching her everything she knows" as an action star.

Then all of a sudden someone must have hit a button to trigger the loudspeaker when "Choice Movie Awards" came booming out leading Sandra to proclaim "What the fuck" to a rounding ovation. The censors on The CW caught it, unlike on NBC. Her co-star from The Heat, Melissa McCarthy, obviously enjoyed it. Various times she made funny references to why it was considered an Action Film. Awards shows always find loopholes to get films into different categories, as with the Golden Globes and some of their questionable choices for in the Comedy category. Gravity has some action scenes, but overall it is more of a drama/thriller.

She also thanked George Clooney for "floating away and not coming back." Watch the fantastic speech below.


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