Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Annual Golden Globes Censor Fail

There were about four reasons to watch the Golden Globes this year.

1. Tine Fey & Amy Poehler, who are guaranteed to bring out some laughs.

2. To see if anyone would curse and/or have a drunken speech that sends the censors into a panic.

3. To get a speech that is actually interesting to listen to, from Sandra Bullock and/or Tom Hanks, two people who know how to deliver a top notch speech with humor and humility without being dramatic.

4. U2.

Well, 20 minutes into the show and Jacqueline Bisset said "Shit" and NBC botched the censorship and only got the words leading up to "Shit". I thankfully flipped back just in time! And she definitely seemed drunk as well, which is what sets the Golden Globes apart...alcohol on the tables. It is no doubt boring sitting there for hours (as most awards shows are), so it seems someone curses and rambles every year after knocking back copious amounts of wine/champagne.

Poehler and Fey were great of course, playing off each other perfectly, featuring a nice bit with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and an electronic cigarette. Poehler also jokingly made out with Bono after winning Best Supporting Actress in a TV comedy. Sandra Bullock & Tom Hanks presented an award together, and hopefully one or both will win later in the show to show everyone how a speech is done.

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