Monday, October 28, 2013

Marilyn Manson on 'Talking Dead'

You know something is up when one of the highest rated shows, 'The Walking Dead' on AMC, airs a new episode but all people can talk about is the episode of 'Talking Dead' that airs after it. Marilyn Manson was one of the guests...and he kept going off on a perplexing tangent throughout the program. It's just something you have to see to believe.

At one point he was trying to relate women burning their bras in the 1970s to Carol (Melissa McBride) burning the two bodies of the diseased characters at the prison. Okay then! He also said it may have been caused by Activia since she looks like Jamie Lee Curtis. Chris Hardwick was just as surprised as the rest of us and handled it in the best way possible with his sarcasm. His facial expressions were a thing of beauty as well. At one point he had to say, "You can't get zombies pregnant, Marilyn Manson." Jack Osbourne was on the panel as well. He tweeted, "Yep. I know how you all feel."

Manson must have been on a steady diet of NyQuil, Molly, and a side of Go-Go Juice before appearing on camera. At first his mic wasn't working, which as the show went on it made clear that this was probably no coincidence. I came away thinking that Marilyn Manson secretly worked as Mitt Romney's head speech writer last year. Oh, and 'The Walking Dead' kicked ass tonight as usual, particularly when Michonne (Dania Gurira), Daryl (Norman Reedus), Tyreese (Chad Coleman) & Bob (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) take a Dodge Charger into a horde.

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