Wednesday, July 24, 2013

'Gravity' - Sandra Bullock Gets Detached

Alfonso Cuaron & Sandra Bullock were both at Comic-Con this week to discuss the ambitious upcoming film 'Gravity'. Now we have another clip of the film that is similar to the first trailer, but expands upon the actual destruction of the shuttle and offers longer glimpses at the outstanding work that was done in regards to the visuals. Earth has never looked so crisp and clean on film before.
The clip ends with Bullock's character, Ryan Stone, floating off into space away from George Clooney's character, Matt Kowalsky. There is clearly going to be many moments of terror in this movie beyond the actual destruction of the shuttle. Its going to put the viewer into the character's perspective, and the idea of floating around in the vast blackness and expanse of outer space with no connection to life is enough to terrorize any of us. Its a different kind of "horror movie" that we're used to seeing. I put that in quotes because this movie seems hard to classify. It has elements of suspense, horror, sci-fi, and drama.

Bonus for Harry Potter fans: besides being directed/written/edited by Cuaron, who directed 'Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban', it's also being produced by David Heyman, who produced all eight 'Harry Potter' movies. 'Gravity' is out on October 4, 2013, and will of course be in 3D and IMAX. It should be one of the better films released in 3D/IMAX recently.

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