Thursday, August 1, 2013

Awkward: Amanda Bynes Circa 2007

If you want to feel awkward and confused, all you have to do is watch this Amanda Bynes interview on Rachael Ray from 2007. Ray talks about how normal Bynes is at various points in the interview. What happened?
After finally getting some (forced) help for starting a fire in someones driveway and then running through the streets to a liquor store to wash gasoline off her poor little dog (which has hopefully been given to her parents), police placed her in a mental institution where she is now getting extended help. Her mom is seeking conservatorship, which she should get. We all remember the infamous Britney Spears meltdown of 2007 when she attacked a car with an umbrella after shaving her head. She seems on a better path now since getting help.

It's clear what happened to Bynes isn't just someone wanting to drink and party and act stupid, she has a real issue that may be helped by being in a hospital. Hopefully it helps other people with problems as well to realize they can get help also.

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