Sunday, August 18, 2013

Putin & The Sochi 2014 Soviet Union Olympics

Sochi 2014 Logo, the worst Olympic logo ever
I'm surprised people are still saying the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are being held in Russia, because from now on I'm going to be calling it the Soviet Union. It feels as if they've slowly turned back into the Soviet Union, led by an oppressive government and a dictator/former KGB officer named Vladimir Putin that seeks to deny people rights simply for being born different. I'm surprised they haven't opened up concentration camps for gays yet. Though who knows, that could be on the horizon from Comrade Putin and his cronies. People who think gays "choose" to be gay are both mental and stupid. The Russian Government fits the bill, seeking to snuff out any gay Russians who would dare come out. Lady Gaga recently lashed out at the Russian government, for seeking to ban her under their "anti-gay propaganda" stance. That is a law they enacted after artists like her started expressing support for gay rights on Russian soil at concerts.

We all know what happened to Pussy Riot (the female Russian punk rock band, jailed on "hooliganism" charges) when they dared to do something their government didn't like. They were jailed for going to an Russian Orthodox Church and performing an anti-Putin song to protest. Wait...I thought communism was gone? Guess again, its just in a shiny new package. And yes, "hooliganism" and "blasphemy" are both things you can be jailed for in Russia. In 2013.

Yet Russia, aka the Soviet Union 2.0, is supposed to be opening their arms to the world with the Winter Olympics. Fat chance of that happening. Boycotting would be pointless, it is far better to go there and make some noise. Some people say you shouldn't get political at a sporting event. However, the Russian government is doing exactly that by trying to push their ignorant laws on athletes and fans. USA runner Nick Symmonds dedicated his silver medal to gay friends, right on Russian soil. Emma Green Tregaro, a Swedish high jumper, painted her nails rainbow colors and was then sadly forced to paint over them by the IAAF.

Keep up the protests everyone. It should be interesting to see what goes on when the big stage of the Sochi 2014 Olympics rolls around.

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