Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hysterical 'General Hospital' Scene

I don't watch daytime soap operas, but this is why we need them to keep churning out daily episodes. Yes, the jobs they create are important as well, but funny clips are the main reason. On the July 5th episode of General Hospital on ABC, a little girl named Emma hands her precious doll Baby Ariel to this woman named Britt. What happens next is pure genius, and if you don't laugh at it then you don't have a sense of humor. Or you have a very poor one.

Yes...the doll "pees" on Britt, she tosses it in the air, it lands on the grill, which suddenly ignites. Then the little girl Emma screams in horror as "my baby is on fire!!!" Someone else yells "I'll call 911!" I actually wouldn't be surprised if someone called 911 for a doll though, considering all the morons who call 911 at fast food restaurants when their order is wrong.

This type of campy humor is undoubtedly fun to watch and can bring anyone out of a funk. Now if only the doll had come alive once it hit the grill like Woody in Toy Story, that would've really been something.

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