Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Send Pitbull to the Kodiak, Alaska Walmart

This is what the internet is truly good for. A new campaign has been launched to send Pitbull to perform at a Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska. I'm not even sure Sarah Palin knows where that is and she lives there. Though that may not be saying much.

Walmart has decided to run a contest where they will send Pitbull to perform at whichever local Walmart gets the most likes on Facebook. So a bunch of funny people have decided to rally others using social media to go and "Like" the Walmart page of Kodiak, Alaska, which is the most remote Walmart in America. Click here to head to the Kodiak Walmart Facebook page and Like it!

There are currently 40,872 likes of the Kodiak Walmart, which is five times the population of Kodiak. For comparison, the Atlanta Walmart with the most likes is at 6,686. Walmart Los Angeles has 990 likes.

Kodiak, Alaska
Kodiak, Alaska is suddenly the hottest spot in America. Pitbull is actually being a good sport about it all. He posted this joke on his Twitter: I hear there's bear repellant at Kodiak, Alaska @walmartspecials @sheets #exilepitbull daleeeeeee! Looks like he actually will be going to Kodiak, and they won't disregard the obvious joke of it all. To be honest, this is the best press they could ask for.

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