Friday, July 27, 2012

London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony to the London 2012 Olympics is just hours away, being shown in the USA on NBC at 730pm ET (tape delay). I already have the inspiring Olympic theme songs stuck in my head, as millions of you probably do. The ceremony is directed by Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle. It will of course celebrate British culture, and most of it is kept under wraps, but there are some rumors that have slipped through as well as some confirmations.

One amazing rumor that I hope is true is that a 40-foot Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter will do battle with various other British characters such as ones from Alice in Wonderland & Peter Pan. He will apparently be taken down by 30 Mary Poppins actors who will descend from the rafters. We'll see how exactly this plays out. I assume Ralph Fiennes will be portraying Voldemort on some giant screen or something similar.

Another is that there will be a short film of James Bond. Earlier in the year they were filming some helicopter scenes around London, with two helicopters chasing through the Tower Bridge. Maybe they can't compete with the 2,008 drummers from Beijing 2008, but London has the advantage of beloved popular culture and entertainment, plus huge musical superstars.

Paul McCartney will also be performing to apparently close the opening ceremony. Expect a huge sing-along of The Beatles classic, "Hey Jude". The Spice Girls have been confirmed to be performing at the Closing Ceremony on August 12th. Mick Jagger has denied that The Rolling Stones will be making a surprise appearance at one of the ceremonies.

And of course, the parade of nations featuring all the athletes will take place as per tradition.

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