Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NFL Replacement Refs

The NFL ref drama been boiling for a while. The regular refs of the NFL are in a lockout, and the league doesn't want to up their salary even though they make billions of dollars. Players and fans have been calling for the NFL to settle it, and its about to get much louder after tonight's Monday Night Football game on ESPN between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks.

A controversial end where two players came down with the ball was given to Golden Tate and the Seahawks, even though it seemed like it was an interception since Jennings of the Packers had the ball against his chest. However, before Jennings was down Tate had his hands on the ball, so does tie go to the receiver? To be honest I don't care, the Packers also scored because of some bad calls that went against the Seahawks, but that's the point. The game is being marred by awful calls on all sides.
Monday Night Football
Jennings holding the ball, Tate reaching in
Now its not like the regular refs have never made a bad call. Two or three years ago my Dolphins were robbed when a Steelers fumble at the end of the game was actually given to the Steelers who scored because of it, when it should have been Miami ball. Many people just said "Well the Dolphins should have scored more touchdowns and fewer field goals. If you leave the refs to decide the game than its your own fault." The same can be said for this Packers-Seahawks game even though there will be a bigger uproar since the NFL is using replacement refs. Another example being Super Bowl XL, which was heavily criticized for mistakes from the regular officials that could have cost the Seahawks that game.

So the funny thing is when the regular refs do return, people will end up complaining about some of their bad calls as well. But it's obvious they need to return, the replacements make far more terrible calls than normal. The NFL needs to stop being so greedy and put the best product they can out there. Even though the regular refs are flawed, they are still superior. When the XFL is trending on twitter, you're doing something wrong, NFL.

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