Friday, September 21, 2012

New Music - September 18, 2012

This past Tuesday began a pretty busy week for the music industry, with various albums being released from consistent hit makers. Its that time of year when artists want to get albums out ahead of the Holiday season, when sales for the struggling music business are strongest.

The Truth About Love
The Truth About Love - Pink (or P!nk). Pink was always more than just another pop singer. She dabbles in other territories, with most of her songs having a rock edge while still being pop songs that can make anyone want to get up and dance. "The Truth About Love" is her sixth studio album, and just like her previous albums is being well received by critics and fans. The album is heavy on the dance-rock tracks, featuring plenty of guitars and catchy choruses. Eminem guests on the song "Here Comes The Weekend." The album is on sale for $5 this week only on Amazon MP3, along with her previous studio albums (I'd recommend the underrated "Try This" from 2003, which features heavier rock thanks to Rancid singer/guitarist Tim Armstrong).
Top songs: "How Come You're Not Here", "Try", "Beam Me Up", "The Truth About Love".

Battle Born
Battle Born - The Killers. The Killers return after a brief hiatus with their fourth album "Battle Born." While not as strong as their first album "Hot Fuss", its still a solid effort overall and can easily become some fans' favorite. The sound most closely resembles "Day & Age" from 2008, filled with that shimmering and modernized new wave 80s sound. The album kicks off with some electronic beats, but quickly breaks out the guitars, a mix you will hear throughout. Brandon Flowers sounds as good as ever, which wasn't in doubt anyway.
Top songs: "Runaways", "Miss Atomic Bomb", "Battle Born", "Flesh & Bone".

The Spirit Indestructible
The Spirit Indestructible - Nelly Furtado. Considering the massive success of her 2006 album "Loose", this one is flying under the radar, and probably shouldn't be. The lead single "Big Hoops" is flawed and shouldn't have been the lead single, but the majority of the tracks are strong. What she managed to do well on this album is create songs that aren't your typical pop songs, and better than most of what you'll hear on Top 40 radio. Like her first two albums it contains variety, with songs featuring elements from all different genres-Pop, R&B, Rock, Hip Hop, Dance and a guest appearance from rapper Nas.
Top songs: "Parking Lot", "Miracles", "Circles", "Bucket List".

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