Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things I Want to Happen at the 2012 Golden Globes

- For Golden Globes host, Ricky Gervais, to be better than ever. Let 'em have it! It hasn't even started yet and he gave us a little taste with the above picture of himself he posted on Twitter. He said, "Some last minute preparation so I don't look out of place at The Golden Globes." After last year's show, some people said he was "mean spirited." I couldn't disagree more, and I'm glad NBC has brought him back! I hope to see plenty of awkward smiles and nervous laughter. 

-I would like to see at least one person drop the F-bomb. Melissa Leo did it at the Oscars last year and it was glorious! They serve alcohol at the Golden Globes, so I'd say there is a fairly good chance we hear a "fuck" blurted out. And then the subsequent overreaction, which is as American as apple pie. (See: Janet Jackson and Nipplegate, which was still in the courts until recently!) 

-Someone to trip on the stairs, and then make a joke about it and acknowledge that it happened. Don't try to hide it or cover, roll with it! 

-Which famous person will be visibly drunk? As mentioned before, the Golden Globes are a bit less stuffy than the Oscars by serving alcohol. There is bound to be someone that gets schwasted at one of those tables. I'm pretty sure Meryl Streep was tipsy last year, she knows how to roll at these long awards shoes by now. 

It airs this Sunday, January 15 on NBC. 

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