Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA & PIPA Can Suck It

-First off, visit and make sure to sign the petition against SOPA and PIPA, which could signal the end of online freedom and expression, and sites like Wikipedia as well as personal fan sites would not be able to survive. We support protecting copy-writes and trying to stop piracy, but congress is going about this in an over-complicated way (hah...go figure, congress being overly complicated and power hungry) and could censor us all, giving the government the power to do so. The only "PIPA" you should support is Pippa Middleton.
Now, in some other news...

-Ricky Gervais wasn't quite as harsh at the 2012 Golden Globes as he was in 2011, but he was never going to top that. And he didn't need to be harsh to be funny, he still was. Overall the show wasn't too great, though Meryl Streep did say "shit", but it was bleeped out, there must have been an extra long delay.

-Someone named McKay Hatch who started the "No Cussing Club" is targeting tonight's episode of Modern Family, which features 2-year-old Lily dropping a bleeped-out F bomb. He wants people to protest it and ABC to pull the episode. Yeah, good luck with that. I hope they know more people will now watch. Seriously, it's a bleeped out word, if you don't like it CHANGE THE CHANNEL. And speaking of 2-year-olds, it sounds like one made up the name "No Cussing Club".

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