Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Foo Fighters Ice Bucket Challenge

The Foo Fighters have just done the Ice Bucket Challenge to fight ALS, and nobody can top this creativity, so don't even try.

Dave Grohl channels his inner Sissy Spacek as the band re-create the scene in the 1976 film Carrie where they dump pigs blood onto poor Carrie at the prom. Only this time its the ice bucket being dumped onto Grohl, complete with prom dress and crown. Grohl also nominated John Travolta (who was in the original film) and Stephen King (who wrote the book of course). Taylor Hawkins takes on the Tommy Ross role, getting hit in the head by the bucket.

Remember to donate: www.alsa.org. The Foo Fighters new album Sonic Highways will be released November 10, 2014 with an HBO series documenting the making of it leading up to the release date. The eight episodes show the recording of each song in eight different United States cities, with each song representing the music that has come from the city where it was recorded.
'Sonic Highways' Album Cover

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