Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fan Runs Onto Field; Takes Free Kick in West Ham-Tottenham Match

At the West Ham United-Tottenham Hotspur opening day Premier League match Saturday, a fan ran onto the field during the game when a free kick was being set up. He took the free kick and actually had it on target after getting it over the wall, though it was easily easily saved by the goalie. All the players turned to watch the ball as well, which was quite funny. I'd love to hear their reactions.
Still impressive considering he was wearing jeans, regular shoes, and being chased by security guards. Not only that, but it was more on target than the actual player's following free kick. Maybe he can help Manchester United, who lost their first opening day home game since 1972 at the hands of Swansea City.

Though the fan was promptly arrested after his kick. Maybe Ted Lasso put him up to it.

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