Thursday, April 25, 2013

'The Office' Going Out On Top

The Office is quickly approaching the end of its 9th and final season. And ever since Steve Carell left as lead character Michael Scott, people have been saying the quality of the show has gone down, which we've heard plenty of times with other shows. However, they've clearly changed those attitudes as the series hits the home stretch. Ever since the episode "Promos" aired on April 4th, The Office has churned out some of its strongest episodes in years that can stand with all of the classics

"Paper Airplanes" continued this trend by giving fans a little bit of everything. Laugh out loud moments such as Angela (Angela Kinsey) showing off her new tiny studio apartment filled with all of her cats and Erin (Ellie Kemper) showing off her competitive side by absolutely flipping out during the paper airplane competition. The end of the episode was what really has fans talking though. Jim (John Krasinski) & Pam (Jenna Fischer) finally resolved their issues they've been having all season, and it happened with just a simple hug and "I love you". During this they flashed back to a clip from Jim & Pam's wedding in Season 6, which really put the exclamation point on it all. It was without a doubt the best Jim & Pam moment we've had on the office since the Niagara wedding in Season 6, so it was only fitting. 

Anyone who abandoned The Office the past two seasons needs to quickly jump back on board, because the series is headed towards what should be a satisfying finale. 

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