Friday, June 29, 2012

New Dark Knight Rises Commercial

Anne Hathaway brings it as Selina Kyle/Catwoman with Christian Bale in the latest commercial for The Dark Knight Rises. We're three weeks away from the film's opening on July 20, and they've ramped up the advertising big time.

The new ad shows Catwoman during her time as Bruce Wayne/Batman's ally, watch it below. Bale & Hathaway seem to have great chemistry in the film, which is going to be incredibly important for the success of this film. They both seem to deliver.

They've played up her mysteriousness throughout the past few months, leaving the question of where she'll finish the film - friend or foe? Its anyone's guess, but I'll say she finishes the film as an ally after starting as a semi-villain. A Gotham news article from the Viral Website known as Dew Gotham City talks about a mysterious person in black who committed eight robberies of Gotham's wealthiest in 72 hours, stealing thousands of dollars of jewelry from one person. We know this is obviously Catwoman, who clearly works fast.

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