Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Aftermath

First, the Halftime show. All in all, Madonna did a good job. Not great, but good. Most songs were lip-synced, though I'm pretty sure "Like A Prayer" was performed live, and clearly the best song of the set. The visuals were outstanding though.

MIA flipped her middle finger during the "Give Me All Your Love" performance. I don't think it's a big deal, but I think people will overreact, just like with Nipplegate. And most probably didn't even notice at first. I don't get the point of giving the middle finger, except for press. Actually, maybe this was a genius move on her part. Watch it below.

The game was solid and the New York Giants pulled it out in the end like I predicted. As a side note, the Patriots won all three of their Super Bowls during the Spygate time, when they were using cameras to spy on opponents. All three were wins by just a Field Goal. You have to wonder if the Patriots would have won all 3 had they not had those trusty and illegal cameras. But they won't talk about that on ESPN.

Oh, and The Voice is better than American Idol. They allow different people an opportunity, and the show is somewhat entertaining even though I don't like singing competition shows very much.

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