Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One Million Moms: Get A LIFE

So there is this group called "One Million Moms", who made some news for trying to get JCPenney to fire Ellen DeGeneres, simply because she is a lesbian. First of all, they aren't "One Million"...they have 800 twitter followers. Even I have more! Pathetic. They need to get a life and stop being hateful bored housewives with nothing better to do. Ellen does more to help people than these stupid twits will ever do. You close-minded bigots can Suck It, simply put. 

Howard Stern came out in support of Ellen and lashed out at this hate group in his own colorful way. They also attacked him recently by asking people to boycott NBC and America's Got Talent, which he begins in the summer. Be sure to watch!

Even Bill O'Reilly came out and defended Ellen, lashing out at the head woman of "One Million Moms." No matter what you think of him, he is smart enough to know that these hateful groups give others a bad name. 

Make sure you support the new and improved JCPenney! They really have great deals. And it will piss off a bunch of hateful assholes in the process. 

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