Friday, October 7, 2011

Miami Marlins Funny Home Run Feature

Okay, even non-Baseball fans will get a kick out of this. The Florida Marlins are changing their name to the Miami Marlins and moving into a new stadium. They're moving from the Dolphins football stadium, Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, to a new baseball stadium in the little Havana section of Miami starting in 2012.

So, their new stadium will have an over-the-top Home Run feature. It looks like if the Circus Circus or Mardi Gras resort in Las Vegas had a baby with Ocean Drive on South Beach. See here:

Yes, it looks like an Acid Trip. Maybe that's the point? Might bring in some new fans...they can't really have a "first 15,000 fans get a free hit of ecstasy" night, since it's illegal and all, so this was the next best thing. The thing will flash and those things will move around and make marlin noises and apparently splash water whenever the Marlins hit a home run. I think the Marlins are going to become the favorite team of all potheads. Anyone that is High would love to stare at that. Increased attendance for sure!

Recovering drug addicts may want to be kept out of the park though. This thing screams Relapse! Or who knows...maybe it will make them think they're on drugs, thus keeping them off? One can only wonder.

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