Friday, April 15, 2011

Will Ferrell on The Office

Last night Will Ferrell made his debut on The Office as new boss Deangelo Vickers. Ferrell fit right in and was a natural, but did anyone really think he wouldn't be? I'm pretty sure he is only going to be on for the four episodes he filmed this season, and not the permanent boss. They will most likely make us wait until next season to find out who it will be, but Will Ferrell seems too busy. You never know though.

I had a few favorite parts, especially all The office members trying to get Deangelo to like them. Andy tried hard to be funny since Deangelo expected that of him and did crazy things to do so. Jim and Pam trying to use their baby to get him to like them stood out as well. Kelly, or as Deangelo called her, "that Native American chick" tried flirting with him. A great scene came when they all had to go meet with him in the conference room and Michael was left to walk into his office alone, realizing he was not going to be their boss much longer. It sets his going away up well.

Parks & Recreation followed and had yet another amazing episode packed with laughs. Starting with Ron pulling his tooth out at a meeting, then revealing to the camera the tooth had been pulled out by a dentist the day before, and he just wanted to fuck around with everyone and make them freak out. The episode was based on Andy and April having an impromptu wedding, with Andy wearing a Colts jersey, which was actually perfect. We met April's sister, who is exactly the same as her, as well as her weird friend Oren who provides a lot of material without actually saying anything, especially for Leslie and Ben. You're missing out on some good laughs if you're not watching Parks & Recreation.

30 Rock had a strong episode as well. The highlights being Jenna's storyline. Her "Jenna Babies" line of dolls fail because they are being used to smuggle drugs in from Mexico. They then cut to two girls who are bouncing off the walls in the middle of the night, presumably due to the dolls.

Check out the two minute replay of The Office (which doesn't do the full episode justice):
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