Monday, April 25, 2011

VH1 Mob Wives

VH1 has recently begun airing Mob Wives, possibly to try and take back the trashy reality TV crown they used to hold in the mid-2000s with shows like Flavor of Love, Rock of Love and The Surreal Life. This time instead of relying on celebrities who need a career boost, they've traveled to Staten Island. I'm not sure, but I have a hunch that Staten Island is practically it's own country. A country of orange skinned people with jet black hair and strange accents. Mob Wives is train wreck TV, and it's hard to look away. It's the new guilty pleasure generating buzz and controversy.

The show follows around four women whose husbands or fathers are in jail for mob connections. Obviously drama unfolds. The show may already hold the record for the most bleeped out curse words on television. One of the cast members, Drita, was recently on a radio show to promote the show and dropped some F-bombs, which got the host fired. Renee and Drita will most likely be the big stars, as they seem to bring the most, uh, "colorful commentary" with Renee being the most dramatic. It's basically Jersey Shore with older people. Except they are scarier than the Jersey Shore cast.

I'm pretty sure all four of these women could have successful MMA careers if the show doesn't work out. Or when their 15 minutes are up.


  1. it's interesting that here in Europe, VH1 is the more refined, classic pop music channel, while MTV is the place of the biggest trash and distaste :) But they do change the programme scheme of their regional channels in all parts of the world.

  2. I know, MTV still is here too. VH1 doesn't play much music anymore, they do have a bunch of specialty channels for that though now. It seems both MTV and VH1 use their main channels for reality, and channels like "VH1 Classic," "VH1 Soul" and "MTV Hits," "MtvU" for music and other programs.