Friday, March 25, 2011

U2's Zoo TV Tour: Bring It Back!

Okay, it's obviously not going to happen, but it would be amazing to go to to U2's 1992/1993 Zoo TV Tour. There really hasn't been anything like it since then. I wish I could be able to go see it, and a short re-done Zoo TV tour would be nice to see now. Of course, it won't happen, but if any concert tour setup/idea were to be brought back, Zoo TV would be the one to see. I wish more concerts would be more creative.

For those who don't know the idea of the show was part satire on TV, the media, and pop culture. TV monitors surrounded the stage. It's best to just watch footage.

YouTube is the next best thing, and there are tons of videos posted on there of the tour and the "Outside Broadcasts."

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