Monday, March 28, 2011

The Simpsons vs The NFL

The Simpsons, even after 22 seasons, still knows how to bring on the spoofs and last night's mockery of the NFL is no different. They take on the idea of modern corporate stadiums that cost in the high millions to low billions to build. Historical stadiums like Lambeau Field and Fenway Park are dying out and being replaced by massive and expensive ones. The Simpsons specifically target Cowboys Stadium aka The Dallas Death Star.

My personal favorite part as a Miami Dolphins fan, is the Dolphin smacking around the Panther in the Mascot Zoo.

Speaking of the NFL and their current lockout, I believe there will be a season and it will be sorted out by the summer. There is way too much money to lose if there were no season, as well as the popularity. It is the dominant sport in the United States, and they risk losing some of that. Can anyone really picture no Super Bowl Sunday in Feburary?

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