Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Courtney Love Claimed To Find the Missing Plane

The story of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 took another odd turn when Courtney Love claimed to have found it. Wait, what?

Love, rocker and widow of late Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain, posted a picture with a Microsoft word type drawing to her Facebook and Twitter accounts claiming to have spotted oil slicks and a possible spot for the plane. Of course, its hard to actually see anything in the picture and it turned out to be nothing. Her post was accompanied by some pretty funny comments. My favorite: "swear to god if courtney love finds the fucking plane."

Love has been known for doing crazy thing, but this is not totally crazy. She was using the website TOMNOD, which is encouraging people to use their website to look through satellite images of the Ocean to see if they spot anything. So hey, at least Love brought some attention to that. Maybe someone out there will actually spot something in this bizarre case of the missing airplane.

But, how fucking great would it have been if Courtney Love had actually spotted a piece of debris?

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