Friday, November 29, 2013

True Cost of Black Friday

Black Friday has long been known for offering some good deals, with the name originating in stores turning a profit and moving into the black. It seems to eb starting earlier each year, with some stores now opening on Thanksgiving at 5pm and 6pm. You'll never catch me in a store on Thanksgiving night.

A website called "Black Friday Death Count" tallies up the deaths and injuries that have been reported, with links to news stories as confirmation. It currently goes back to 2006. This year there was a shooting at a Kohl's when two robbers were approached by a cop. The cop went to get in the car and the robber drove off, so the cops partner shot him. How dumb must you be to rob a Kohl's on Black Friday? Aren't the clothes supposed to be affordable on the biggest shopping day? There have also been numerous reported fights at various Walmart locations. There was a stabbing over a parking space as well.

This is just a grim reminder of what crazy people will do for a "deal" on a TV. Even though the stores jack up the prices of the rest of the equipment, like cables, that you need to make the TV work in the first place. There are Christmas deals all throughout December, plus online shopping, so there is no need to go insane for a cheap TV.

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