Thursday, May 23, 2013

Springfield Invading Orlando

Hot on the heels of their announcement of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion, Universal Orlando has officially announced their expansion of The Simpsons. The area will officially be called Springfield now. The Simpsons Ride, a motion simulator, opened in 2008 along with a Kwik-E-Mart at Universal Studios Florida. But now they've detailed all the construction they've been doing, as the rest of Springfield will be opening up this summer to create the most authentic experience possible. The new attractions are:

Kang & Kodos' Twirl 'n' Hurl - A spinning flat ride themed to the Treehouse of Horror mainstays, that will "take foolish humans on an intergalactic spin designed to send them into orbit."

Various shops and restaurants, namely "Krusty Burger", "Lard Lad Donuts", "Moe's Tavern", "Cletus' Chicken Shack" and the comic book guy's store, "Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop". Plus a Duff Brewery, with Duff Beer made exclusively for the park, which is guaranteed to make Homer happy.

Its nice to see that after The Simpsons were banned from ever entering Florida in Season 11 ("Kill The Alligator & Run"), they've been welcomed back with open arms! Hey, they let Casey Anthony free, there is surely room for The Simpsons.

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