Friday, December 21, 2012

Mayan Apocalypse Strikes!

December 21, 2012 is upon us, and we have an exclusive photo out of Tokyo just moments ago, while it was still 12/20 for us on the East Coast. It looks like we have a dreadful day ahead of us, as Tokyo is currently under siege, correctly predicted by the Mayans. Mount Fuji has unexpectedly erupted, sending lava into the city while a UFO has made its presence known along with Mothra. Where is Godzilla (the friendly one) when you need him? I promise this is not a photoshop image. Literally.

It seems some asteroids have begun blitzing areas. Cue Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing".

And out of Finland, you can see a trampoline has wreaked havoc below.

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