Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fox & Friends Needs A Reality Check

"Fox and Friends" is mostly known for being spoofed on Saturday Night Live in expert fashion for their constant falsehoods and crazy statement, but they've just taken their latest to a new level.

On Friday morning, they critizized NBC's "Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together" concert which aired later that night. They wondered whether it was all a ploy by NBC to help out President Obama. They also questioned why it was before the election and not after. Gee, maybe because people need HELP right NOW? These benefit concerts air every time there is a major disaster...but because "Fox & Friends" is so ridiculous and so obsessed with the election, they of course had to make themselves look like complete idiots.

I'm pretty sure when I watched Jon Bon Jovi perform, he didn't yell "vote Obama!" into the microphone. And I'm pretty sure there were no political ads, just stories showcasing the devastation and people who are in need. All the artists had ties to the areas. Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen are New Jersey staples. Mary J Blige is from Yonkers, NY, Christina Aguilera was born in Staten Island. Aerosmith spent a lot of time in New York City, though their career kicked off in Boston. Billy Joel is another New York staple.

Get a grip "Fox and Friends," maybe you should have your own benefit and actually do some good like NBC did.

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