Monday, October 1, 2012

September 2012: Out with a Bang

The regular NFL referees made their return this week after the Seahawks-Packers Monday Night Football controversy. There were still complaints and boo-birds brought out, including a "refs still suck" chant in Green Bay. Though it was a welcome sight that the NFL got this done. By the way, the Packers won and Seahawks lost, which probably made a few people happy.

The Miami Dolphins lost to the Arizona Cardinals in overtime, even after setting records. Ryan Tannehill broke Dan Marino's Dolphin record for most passing yards in a game by a rookie, and fell 1 yard shy of the NFL record. A week after missing two make-able field goals against the sloppy Jets, kicker Dan Carpenter missed another. It was a 51 yard try, no easy feat, but it was inside a dome without any wind. Someone call Ace Ventura, it looks like Ray Finkle is back and terrorizing us Dolphins fans. The luck ran out for the Jets though, who could be heading for last place after getting destroyed at home. The Dolphins need to find more points and learn how to pull away from teams. You can't have the #1 Run Defense, #5 Run Offense, #1 Wide Receiver (surprisingly & temporarily) and keep losing.

Some TV shows made their returns. Homeland, which dominated the Emmy Awards, returned to Showtime with its biggest ratings ever and didn't miss a beat. Claire Danes & Damian Lewis proved why they won the Drama Awards, picking up right where they left off. I've anointed Claire Danes as the "Charlize Theron of Television" for her rapid rise as an actress who can do anything. Her character Carrie is back on a mission for the CIA, and back to (almost) normal, after her mental breakdown that ended last season.

Revenge, ABC's guilty pleasure, came back with a bang as if there was any other way. Victoria is alive in the witness protection program, though still plotting against people, and nobody should be surprised. Also, the dude who played Shang Tsung in the Mortal Kombat movie (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) took over the role of Takeda. So that's where you probably recognized him from. They should let him say "your soul is mine" at least once.

And props to The Simpsons for starting their 24th Season, going to New York City for the first time since Season 9. They made the Metro North platform look way too clean though.

Also, Lindsay Lohan got in a fight with some guy over cell phone pictures taken of her. Why is she out at 4 AM anyway? She doesn't even deserve a career at this point. If Lohan really wants to shock people, go home and read a book or something. Nothing good will happen to you after midnight.

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