Wednesday, August 1, 2012

London 2012 Olympics Day 3, 4 and 5

The London 2012 Olympics have been on fire for NBC. Michael Phelps broke the record for most Olympic medals all time, getting 19 on Tuesday. He could possibly add to that amount. Fan favorite Allison Schmitt also won her first Olympic gold medal. She picked up her second as the anchor of the 4x200 meter freestyle, where the team set an Olympic Record..

The "Fab Five" of Women's Team Gymnastics won the first Team Gold Medal for the USA since the Magnificent Seven did it in Atlanta 1996, when Kerri Strug completed the winning vault on an injured leg, getting carried off by Bela Karolyi. Bela is famous for his enthusiasm during the NBC interviews. They should get his reaction for every event.

The knockout stage of Women's Soccer has been set. The Quarterfinals are: Sweden vs. France, Japan vs. Brazil, USA vs. New Zealand and Great Britain vs. Canada. Great Britain had a memorable 1-0 win over Brazil in front of 70,584 fans at Wembley Stadium. That's a women's attendance record in England. All games will be on Friday, with USA vs. New Zealand at 9:30 AM ET on NBC Sports Network. If both USA and Great Britain win, the two will face each other in the semi-finals at Old Trafford in Manchester. You couldn't ask for a more exciting match than for USA taking on home-town GB in front of possibly 70,000 people. They both have to win first.

USA Women's Field Hockey got a big upset win over Argentina 1-0. Misty May and Kerri Walsh have remained undefeated in Beach Volleyball games at the Olympics, though they did lose their first set at one. That may actually be a good thing, they finally had to bounce back from dropping a set to win a match. Both Indoor Volleyball teams look to be on their way to the next round, with Destinee Hooker turning into the breakout star for the US women. Both Basketball teams will be moving on as expected.

Some controversy as well. South Korean fencer Shin A-Lam got screwed out of a medal. During her match, there was one second left on the clock, and her German opponent needed more than that to get her point to win. Well, the clock didn't start (possibly because the person in charge was a teenage volunteer), which gave the German enough time to pick up the win when the match should have been over. South Korea tried to protest, and Shin had to sit on the floor for 30 minutes in tears, but the FIE (International Fencing Federation) decided to not overturn it. They offered her a "special" FIE medal, but she of course declined. Instead of getting a Silver or Gold Olympic Medal, which can of course happen just once every four years, she goes home empty handed because of a mistake that they did not correct. BS.

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