Friday, May 13, 2011

The Office After Steve Carell

So how has The Office fared without Steve Carell as Michael Scott the past two weeks? The episode two weeks ago, Will Ferrel's last episode was good but a bit awkward. Probably because it was the first one without Carell. Last night's episode titled "Dwight K. Schrute (Acting) Manager" was much better, and seeing the regular cast members just interact with each other created some great laughs, courtesy of Dwight being the acting manager of Dunder Mifflin. There were a lot of fresh laughs, so if you stopped watching after Carell left then you missed plenty of great laughs last night. We'll see what they do with the one hour season finale next week.

Parks & Recreation had two new episodes last night. The first introduced Tom's drink that got everyone wasted, Snake Juice. Leslie and Ann's drunken fight was spot on, mimicking many you may have seen before. The second episode featured Ron teaching a 9 year old girl about the horrors of the government and how they steal tax money. And he gave her a land mine to protect her property. This show keeps churning out hilarious material. Watch it!

And let's give some love to the always funny Donna:


  1. I still can't imagine The Office without Steve Carell. I do acknowledge that the show has an awesome ensemble cast, and all the different characters work well off one another. I'm glad to hear that Dwight delivers post-Michael Scott.

    I have yet to watch Carell's farewell episode or this one. It's one of my favorite current sitcoms (even though I don't watch too many). I plan on catching up on the series soon.

  2. His final episode was great, handled perfectly. I think he'll be back to guest star eventually. I don't watch many either which is another reason why I'll stick with it.